Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

June 24th, 2015 by Red Hills

Lafayette Heritage Trail Park, along with adjacent Tom Brown Park, is bounded on the north by the Lake Lafayette system, stretching from Weems Road to Chaires Cross Road. Originally this system was a wet prairie, much like Gainesville’s Paine’s Prairie, filling during heavy rains then draining through sinkholes into the Floridan Aquifer. Over millennia, when the lakes drained, Native Americans hunted and gathered flint for tools and weapons on the lake bottom. In historic times farmers grazed cattle and planted crops in the fertile lake soil. Two dams constructed around 1950 divided the lake into three sections, Upper Lafayette continues to be a wet prairie, Piney Z Lake is a 200 acre open water lake, and Lower Lafayette resembles a cypress-covered Louisiana bayou.

The park offers visitors a place to fish, exercise, recreate, bicycle, run, walk or just sit and reflect. There are many scenic views and opportunities to view the wildlife.

Located at 49000 Heritage Park Boulevard, Tallahassee, FL